Can’t image a cyclist not having a deep belief in what gets them to the finish line. Ashton responding to your question is, as they say “On-Brand”. But it’s even deeper than that. I like to think Ashton wanted you to know the right answer-from him, because he believes. You heard back from a World Record Holder— pretty darn special endorsement IMO. He and Lauf are aligned properly; not only is that a good thing, it is “Right-On”.

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Feb 25, 2023Liked by Rick Swagler

Excellent as always !

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So pleased you wrote this.

At some point you’re gonna have to let me bribe you with a beer in order to tell you about jazz pianist Brad Mehldau. (Recent interview on Fresh Air is excellent.)

My point: Brad is the best. THE BEST. Yet, no ego.

I promise it’s related to riding bikes.


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