It's getting better, and in some ways it's already unmatched.
...and sometimes we're neither. This is what happens when Schrödinger's Cat gets on a bike.

January 2023

Last week at the second race in the Mississippi Gravel Cup, I rode for a little over six hours and didn’t eat any solid food. All my fuel was in my…
I know, it's embarrassingly obvious
It depends on what I want to believe, or maybe it’s what I want you to believe. In 2022, I either rode over 8,000 miles, or just over 4,000. But maybe…

October 2022

...and why the Greek philosopher Heraclitus would have loved Forest Service roads

September 2022

and I'm not talking about the extended service plan. What beginners like my old friend Bubba need to understand about riding.

July 2022

If a small gesture could help us build allies on the road, why wouldn't you do it?
By the numbers alone, I had no business riding Gravista and zero chance of enjoying it. It’s a 67 mile gravel race in Virginia’s Blue Ridge mountains…

April 2022

Some roads are like songs you don't hear often enough

March 2022

I’ve had the same picture on my iPhone lock screen for the past five years. It’s not a family picture. It’s not a pet picture. It’s not a pretty sunset…

January 2022

Sometimes the right answer is the lowest common denominator